What is font collaboration?


Sometimes you need a rather simple typeface as a part of visual communications project.

Designing a font requires an inspiration, four hours of creative drawing and... thousand hour labour to finish and release drawings as a working font.

We could work together. No matter if you have a draft idea or a complete character set. We'll form a collaboration font team and will design your font to implement in a project, publish yourself or get a publicity with sharing the typeface to the design community.

Making a collaboration font in three steps

The idea

You have an idea, You've made some drawings. No matter if you have only several characters of your future typeface — we'll work together and design all the necessary letters, marks and figures for the font. Just send your idea drafts and describe desired results and get an estimate T&M needed to finish it as a complete font.

Design character set

Here we start collaborative work on future font. Depending on desired results, we'll design complete character set for the typeface. You set the idea, we design the rest and propose variants to you to decide how the font will look.  So we'll get a typeface (series of characters designed in one style).

Font engineering

This is where all the magic starts. This step is needed to make a font—an installable design instrument for designers. So we take characters and code a font with o without open type features. Such as contextual alternatives, stylistic alternatives, ligatures and more.

Here are some fonts done in collaboration with designers: