collaboration project

Colormarket font is designed as a design collaboration between Aleksei Shklianko and Aliaksei Koval. It was designed to be used in branding project for COLORMARKET company. Distinctive design feature of COLORMARKET font is contextual alternatives. Every character was designed in 


This typeface was designed as non-exclusive. So it's avaliable for licensing and commercial use. 

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Key features

Every character of Basic Latin charset was designed in 3 variations. Every character is programmed via Open Type contextual alternative feature to switch it's design. So no two (even three) repeated letters are the same in text set. Of course, you can swith glyph's design manually via drop-out menu (just hiligh chosen character in Adobe Illustrator and choose desirable version.

Case Study

1. Initial idea


Initial design was developed by Aleksei Shklianko ( as a part of branding project for COLORMARKET company. For branding purposes a complete Basic Latin character set was needed. For further convenience Aleksei decided to collaborate and develop a complete typeface.

2. the challenge

Aleksei Shklianko designed two-three variations of several often repeated characters. And after discussinos of his idea of non-repeated morphing design for letters we've come with idea of a typeface, that allows letters be different and avoids repeated designs of two repeated letters in text. 


The whole architecture of glyphs remains the same with some elements switching it's design. 

3. Design process

3.1. At first we've designed full character set (Basic Latin).

Second, we've added alternative designs for each character: two for each character.

Next, some python coding was applied to create rules for OpenType. When OpenType features are active every repeated character is changing to one of it's two alternatives depending on context.

4. the result


As a result we've got a great typeface for posters, headlines and bold statements. And the great news is it's avaliable for licensing.