Skaryna 2017 Title

Skaryna 2017 Title typeface is a digital revival of original typeface designed by Francysk Skaryna (Skoryna) in 1517–1534. This revival is made with Anton Bryl sponsorship and as a result Cyrillic version is availiable under Creative Commons free license.

In 1517–1534 Francisk Skaryna (Skoryna) scientist, educator published his famous translation of Bile books.  For the book series Francisk designed unique typefaces. One of them was used for titles.

The Skaryna 2017 Title typeface availiable under Creative Common license (Cyrillics only) and full Commercial license (Latin, Cyrillics and full set of common characters). 

Cyrillic only version (Creative Commons)

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Font in use:

Limited series of Parker Jotter engraved with Skaryna 2017 Title.

Found on some murals
September 2020, Minsk, Belarus